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Harangvölgyi MAGIQSKIN

Presentation of the technology

The Harangvölgyi™ Institute Budapest presents the most innovative device of skincare: the HV MAGIQSKIN based on quantum technology, and the associated methodology!

The quantum technology represented by HV MAGIQSKIN is based on the energy of resonances emitted by minerals and crystals which can be found in nature.

Beneficial results of the interaction between the living organism and crystals had been used even in several ancient healing methods. The resonance, the bioenergetic and the magnetic fields of the crystals interact with the electromagnetic fields of our bodies while exerting their positive physiological effects on the skin.

Unwanted skin symptoms are also caused by disorders in physiological and energetic processes.

With the aid of the quantum technology HV MAGIQSKIN plays a part in the improvement of the energetic relations of the skin, thus by using this device the problems of the skin may be lessened and its physiological processes may be improved!

Its effect

By activating the self-healing potential of the skin the HV MAGIQSKIN may attain significant changes concerning the case of the unpleasent skin symptoms. The results are based on the multiyear practical experience of our anti-aging specialists of the HarangvölgyiTM Institute.

Joint use of the HV MAGIQSKIN and HV HydroCare Serum may provide solution for alleviating primarily the following symptoms:

Further positive experiences from users of HV MAGIQSKIN

Harangvölgyi™ Institute products

For a lasting visible effect we recommend the use of HV MAGIQSKIN exclusively in combination with the cosmetic products of the Harangvölgyi™ product line!


Instructions manual

Az alábbi instrukciókat követve a HV MAGIQSKIN fémes kezelőfejével végezzük el a kezelést:


By following the instructions below, carry out the treatment using the metallic treatment head of HV MAGIQSKIN.

The basic HV MAGIQSKIN program lasts for 5 minutes, but the movement series can be repeated if requested or in case of a problem that needs to be treated.

Recommended frequency of the treatment is maximum 1 x 10 minutes per day for the first two weeks. This may consist of the repetition of the 5 minute long basic program or of one 5 minute long basic program and of a localized treatment.

Under the term localized treatment, we mean that of crinkles, pigment spots, laugh lines and stress wrinkles, for the alleviation of which smoothing movements are recommended.

Following the intensive two weeks period the application of the program is recommended on the entire face for three or four times per week, while in case of localized treatment it should be used on a daily basis!

Firming: movements

Lifting effect: lifting movements

Oedema: movements around the eyes, draining of the lymphatic fluid


Steps of the basic program

! Each movement pair should be started on the left side.

! Always move from the inside towards the outside when using fanning and circular movements.

! Always move upwards when using vertical movements.

1. Move from the middle of the cleavage towards the centre of the neckline by following smoothing movements performed in the conformation of a five-branched fan.

2. On the left side of the neckline move towards the collar-bone by following smoothing movements performed in the conformation of a five-branched fan.

3. On the right side of the neckline move towards the collar-bone by following smoothing movements performed in the conformation of a five-branched fan.

4. Move from the left collar bone towards the jaw-bone by following smoothing movements performed in the conformation of a five-branched fan

5. Move from the right collar bone towards the jaw-bone by following smoothing movements performed in the conformation of a five-branched fan

6. Using circular movements move along the chin from left to right.

7. Circle around the mouth 5 times starting from the left side and moving upwards.

8. Carry out smoothing movements on the contour of the mouth for five times back and forth!

9-16. According to the picture and the instructions given on the directions move on both sides of the face by following circular movements.

17-24. By following the instructions written under the previous point carry out smoothing movements on both sides of the face.

25. Treat the nose by applying smoothing movements.

26-27. From the starting points of the eyebrows make five circles around the eyes by following circular movements pointing outwards.

28-29. By following the arrows on the picture, move diagonally on both sides of the face towards the parotid region by following smoothing movements.

30. From the lines of the eyebrows to the hair line move upwards by following circular movements and by dividing the forehead into five-five sections.

31. On the same points of the forehead carry out smoothing movements pointing upwards.

32-34. As the last step of the program exert subtle pressure on the purple points with the HV MAGIQSKIN!

HV MAGIQSKIN should only be used for a massage performed only for applying smoothing and circular movements!

After use the metallic treatment head should be wiped again with the wiping cloth, and if possible the device should be sanitized as well.

The treatment may be complemented with an HV hydrating facial mask:

Put 2/3 part (the amount of 4 pumps) of HV SunCare Day Cream and 1/3 part (the amount of 2 pumps) of HV HydroCare Serum into a small bowl. Mix thoroughly with a brush or a spatula and then evenly apply with the help of the brush or your fingers onto the face, neck and neckline areas.

The facial mask should be left on for 10 minutes, then it should be removed using a wet cotton pad, and at last carefully wipe our skin dry.

Maintenance of HV HV MAGIQSKIN

Before and after each use the HV MAGIQSKIN should be wiped clean with a cloth, while it is also recommended to sanitize the device.

Store in a safe and stable place from where it cannot fall or roll away!

In case the HV MAGIQSKIN is disassembled or its coating suffers damage, it should not be used any further, and loses its warranty!

Only the metallic treatment head can be screwed off for cleaning purposes, yet this step can be carried out without removing the treatment head!

In case if any of the below conditions may exist please consult with your doctor before using HV MAGIQSKIN:

! New mothers should omit the lymphatic fluid draining movements(1 to 5 and 28 to 29)!