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About Harangvölgyi Institute

Harangvölgyi – salons, Harangvölgyi – products and Harangvölgyi – concept: a quarter of a century of experience, tradition and family secrets at the services of beauty care and skin rejuvenation. For more than 25 years, preserving youthfulness, the scientific approach to beauty care and utter respect for the wonders of nature have been at the center of the Harangvölgyi family’s work.

This passion towards ageless beauty started of with a hairdresser grandmother, who for nearly 60 years treated with love and humility the biggest stars of the era, then continued with the internationally acclaimed cosmetician mother, and finally the youngest daughter inherited this tradition of generations and directed the craftsmanship towards the most advanced solutions of skin rejuvenation, taking good care for the demand for natural ingredients and the hereditary way of life from generation to generation.

The science of ageless beauty

Anna Harangvölgyi, anti-ageing specialist, continuing the family profession, has been passionately exploring the timeless recipes of harmonious beauty since her childhood, and with her self developed products has been representing the innovative solutions of the domestic cosmetics industry in international conferences. Committed believer in the fusion of nature and professional technology, she is filled with admiration for both the power of nature and the boundless human creativity.

And what does this mean? Never forget the knowledge of the ancients, and always keep an eye open for the latest solutions: the combination of these two paths meet in the philosophy of the Harangvölgyi salons. She advertises the natural way of slowing down the aging process at domestic and international conferences, as well as at aesthetic Congresses of the highest standards, because only through respect for nature can we achieve the condition desired by every woman and man alike: the harmony of ageless beauty.

Harangvölgyi Anti-Ageing termékek


The Harangvölgyi name today is more than advanced skin care solutions: it supports the effectiveness of the unique treatments with cosmetic products developed under its own brand. A pure and demanding Hungarian product that represents a new direction in the biological skin rejuvenation: this is what the Harangvölgyi Anti-Ageing Institute means.

The science of ageless beauty

Harangvölgyi Institute philosophy

Our beauty care philosophy builds on past experience, the need for natural ingredients and the achievements of modern technology. A unique concept of beauty care, which is nowadays known not only in Hungary, but throughout Europe, and is acknowledged in the world of skin care and skin rejuvenation: when maximum demand for naturalness meets revolutionary innovations in today’s beauty care.



Triggering biological cell processes through natural means with the most effective tools.


The beauty comes from within, as well as individuality. And our skin is a mirror image of our soul and personality. Thus, the Harangvölgyi treatments are always personalised, taking into account the individual issues and characteristics. We provide a free health check and consultation for any prospect guest.


Continuous training, international study tours and training courses, first-hand information from the booming world of the beauty industry: be the first to know of new features in the cosmetic procedures thanks to the Harangvölgyi – Concept.


Beauty comes from within, so it is worth rediscovering our innermost selves. Thus our treatments / beauty care programs are held in a relaxing environment, so as to harmonize them in the body and spirit world by creating perfect moments of introversion.


Green thinking is of great importance in the Harangvölgyi salons, because we approach the world through a holistic view, on the basis that everything is connected with everything. This is why during our treatments facial cleansing is performed with energized, purified water, the lingerie is washed with bio detergent and bio rinse aid, using eco cleaning products, so we dont inadvertently impact on the environment and to prevent any allergies that may occur.